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There's a wise saying - What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. Comedy is a fun that makes people laugh and enjoy. The one who laughs often, lives long and lives with sound health. A joke , a comedy boosts the morale, renders the encounters vivid and lively. A laughter makes the anger and the wrath disappear. Comedy creates self confidence. The comedy in family set up and encounters preserves it with full of life and enthusiasm. Comedy is a powerful tool to transmit a message without hurting a person. Comedy is a visible express to stage up the richness of a culture. Comedy plays a great role in the composition of literature.

Comedy is an agent to gain popularity to a writer, actor television produces, educator musician and to a program conductor to substitute boredom and monotony. Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. Laughter is very effective to melt the tension and relax a person from his nervousness. When we think of comedy , we remember the English born Stan Laurel who was thin and liver Hardy , an American born who was bulky.

In the 1950's, comedians used the Long-playing (LP) record albums for their expertise in making people laugh. But comedy records were first used at adult parties because most of the content of the albums were not suitable for children to listen to. The popular people behind these comedy records included Moms Mabley, Belle Barth and Skillet & Leroy.

But these comedy records did not stay to be only played at adult parties. Eventually, these comedy records gained popularity and respect. And as the years went on, the original comedians who recorded their masterpieces on this comedy LP records were replaced by newer ones.

Today, vintage comedy records can be bought online. If a Moms Mabley fan wants to buy one of these comedy records, they can check some sites that offer them between the price ranges of less than $10 to not more than $15.

As time went on, comedians of the past days have been replaced by the comedians that are popular today. This includes Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, and Kathy Griffin to name a few. And these changes extend to how their masterpiece is being delivered to the public. These comedians have always made their audience laugh through the use of Long-playing (LP) comedy records before to the comedy CDs today.

Almost anything is done online and this includes the purchase of a comedy CD. If a fan of Adam Sandler wants to buy his comedy CD, there are sites that offer them at less than $15. Shipment of the product may take 2 days at the most.

Christian comedy CDs is also available online. The prices range from less than $8 to not more than $15. These Christian comedy CDs make people laugh by looking at the bright side of life despite the many problems of daily living.