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The National Lampoon Magazine is a publication of great humor by great writers and the reporting of the activities of social organization. It contains the humorous cartoons and comic strips. It was founded in the year 1876 at Harvard University at Cambridge, Massachusetts in America. It contains the great episodes of humor and comedy. Douglas Kennedy and Henry Beard were the renowned editors of this initial beginning. The collaborating authors had created Saturday Night Live. The Staff had been very creative for transmitting the effective original content. Gradually it created humorous television serials, comedy books and made use of other communication media. However this National Lampoon Magazine declined during 1980 and it never had a new vigor. Its publication was terminated during 1998.

This magazine almost qualified to be one such that was not considered appropriate for free access and got the title of an adult magazine with pictures and cartoons that needed to be covered should anyone passed by while the reader was busy at it.

During period of its glory which had reached highest zenith, the National Lampoon Magazine had been animated by notable writers like Kenney, Board, George, John Hughes, Tony Hendra, Brian McConnachie and Sean Kelly. It had a great batch of cartoonists and photographers, comedy actors and efficient Directors.

National Lampoon Magazines are a great collection of comics magazines published by Harvard University. They include all the issues at home, at enterprises and institutions, from the kitchen affairs to the cathedra of great authorities. These National Lampoon Magazines contain a great humor to create great relaxation.

The youth are very enthusiastic, if the Professors are humorous, then there will be a great recreation and entertainment. The classrooms will be filled with full of humor and the subject matter for creating a humorous narration and presentation will be lavishly overflowing.

The National Lampoon Magazine collection creates a great library. The narration of every comic episode will highlight the custom and the culture of the time and locality. It becomes a rich and priceless treasure to recall the past history as well as it becomes a powerful tool for enriching the language.

National Lampoon Magazine collection can become a great hobby. It will be a great treasure for the students to animate their extracurricular activities, win awards for acting, entertaining and displaying the originality of the episode. National Lampoon Magazine collection becomes a reference library and a source book to conduct the entertaining Programs in all kinds of gatherings.