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Do you love to watch comedy films? Watching a movie at home is often a source of relaxation for a lot of people. What type of films do you love to watch? There are different types of movies which can help you enjoy your weekend and relieve the stresses of life.

If you want to just laugh your stress and troubles away how about watching a National Lampoon movie? National Lampoon began as a publishing venture in 1970 according to research data, and was led by comic geniuses Doug Kenny, Henry Beard and magazine publisher Matty Simmons. The magazine quickly established itself as the most shocking, subversive and unpredictable mass circulation magazine ever published according to some people. The National Lampoon offered a great comic perspective which had never been captured in a print magazine before based on research information.

The National Lampoon did much to revolutionize the magazine industry and also according to research, launch the careers of some of comedy's most honored performers and writers. The face of humor and American Culture was forever changed by National Lampoon based on information obtained. From many movies, books, to radio broadcasts, to television shows and series all the way to the internet, the National Lampoon has been breaking all the barriers of humor and good taste since the magazine first appeared in stores around the country according to information obtained. The National Lampoon magazine was said to be funny most of the time with a bit of an underground tilt based on research obtained.

There are multiple National Lampoon movies that have been released as well as National Lampoon DVD's based on research. One such National Lampoon movie would be National Lampoon Vacation and also National Lampoon's Animal House. National Lampoon is seriously though to be an icon. Most of the movies and the National Lampoon DVD's made from the movies are usually very funny such as National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, according to information obtained.

Amazon.com features National Lampoon's Vacation, 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD reduced from a price of $19.98 to $6.49; there is also the National Lampoon DVD Animal House with John Belushi for a price of $9.99; and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is featured at the site at a cost of $2.99 based on the advertisement and research information.

There is a National Lampoon DVD ROM which is featured by Amazon.com, for a price of $21.40 reduced from $44.99. According to information obtained this is a special National Lampoon DVD which has a total of 246 original magazines from the year 1970 through 1998 all on one DVD. This DVD would be eligible for free shipping based on the advertisement for the product. This National Lampoon DVD has every page of every issue, including all the ads that were featured in each magazine, a treasure trove for any collector.

E-Bay features many National Lampoon DVD's which include such titles as National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon for a price of $4.59; National Lampoon's Vacation Gift Set with four Disc's for a cost of $24.50; National Lampoon's Stone Age at a price of $2.97 and National Lampoon's Going the Distance for a price of $7.72, all according to the advertisement for the DVD's and the research on the products. These DVD's would be subject to bidding at the website of E-bay.

So, get some popcorn and hit the couch, relax, and watch a National Lampoon movie. Get the best laugh by choosing from the many different National Lampoon DVDs you can get from your favorite DVD store and online DVD shops.