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Stand-up comedy is very hard. It is hard when the nights are lonely. The crowds are very belligerent. And driving to the middle of nowhere to perform and play a quarter filled bar behind on a small stage protected by a thin net always makes for a entertaining and fun evening. At the same time, it can also be the most interesting and entertaining and invigorating thing in the world to get up there on center stage and tell a good joke.

One of America's most popular and well known comedians, Bill Cosby treats his fans to a funny, heart-warming and satirical concert at Toronto's Hamilton Place Performing Arts Center. His comedy or material ranges from marriage and the unending trials of parenthood, to the side-splitting funny antics of the very young, and a hilarious encounter with a dentist's needle and drill. Insightful and very witty, this highly entertaining Stand-Up Comedy DVD is a rare cinematic treat, filled with all the electricity and spontaneity that only a live performance can provide. Comedy that no one can give and deliver other than the great Bill Cosby.

Another famous actor that starts in standup comedy is Eddie Murphy. The record-setting number one concert stand-up comedy DVD film, EDDIE MURPHY: RAW shows Eddie Murphy doing what he does best: making people happy making people laugh. Filmed live at New York's Felt Forum, Murphy shocks, delights, and entertains with celebrity impersonations, some observations on 'love, sex and marriage in the 80's, a remembrance of Mom's hamburgers and much, much more.

These Stand up Comedy DVDs or Stand up Comedy movies would be properly labelled giving the name of the comedian preferably with his picture and other features of the show highlighted on the label. A typical label would have the following features:

Release Date, Original Release, Format, Length, Rating, Name of Studio, Featuring, categories, and price.

Release date would be the date of the DVD and the original release would be the first performance. The format here would be DVD. Rating would be obtained from critics qualified to do so. Mentioning the name of the Studio would enhance its value. Featuring would cover names of those who would be performing. Categories would be whether it is television, cable or any other. The price would normally be marked on the label.

Some of the famous Comedians Jim Gaffigan, Jeff Dunham, Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook, Lewis Black are reported to be working together

The demand for these Stand by Comedy DVDs come from different quarters. They mostly are family entertainment and one sees them being watched by children as part of their birithday celebration. Rather than watch live shows many prefer to watch these DVDs in the comforts of their home or even in clubs and schools.

The customer has a choice to select his favorites, either as a single DVD or in a Stand by Comedy Box set which normally works out cheaper.