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Being a comedian is a great art. He can uplift the suffering morale to great joy and laughter and thus stimulate good health. Where there is laughter and joy, people create great recreation and the bond of affectionate relationship strengthens. This is one of the special and particular characteristics of America, to have the interpersonal relationship with a sense of humor. Being a comedian is a great gift, it can tap lucrative business.

There is no human being on earth who has not had the pleasure of watching atleast one comedy show. And to provide this fun there is no dearth of Comedy Clubs. There is this Riviera Comedy Club for instance, the only Engish speaking Club based in France. This group is highly experienced and they are booked well in advance with enough publicity that ensures a good sale of the comedy tickets. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Iceberg it is as at every nook and corner of the world one comes across such comedy clubs well equipped to provide the right amount of fun for all ages.

People seek relaxation at any cost. They do not spare money to watch drama, dances and opera shows. The people of all ages all states of economy participate in entertaining programs. They would starve for the whole week to spare the money to watch the comedy entertainments.

Most of the people are talented to act and create the comedy scenes. They commercialize their talents to entertain the public. They make use of hired theaters to display their commercial programs. The great heats attract house full of spectators and capital income. Many go without tickets. People are the fans of great actors and actresses. When their show through Drama, or film appears in the theatre, people rush for the show.

There are theaters which display the comedy programs daily. There are groups which display the Programs for the celebrations and the feasts. The commercial comedy display is accessible only by paying for the tickets for entry. Participating the entertaining programs can become a powerful tool to collect huge money within a brief period. It is a powerful means to animate the philanthropic and socially beneficial programs and charitable endeavors by selling the tickets. By selling the comedy club tickets one can earn his livelihood by earning income.

Today appearing the night comedy clubs daily or at every week end has become a part of the latest trend of the society. People like to spend the night in the comedy clubs and sleep in the morning. In olden days children and adolescents used to retire to bed at early hours. But today almost everybody goes late to bed.

There is so much the world owes to these Comedy Clubs who leave no stone unturned to provide the best entertainment trying to work on cheap packages for the whole season. The price per event normally ranges between US $50 to $100.